A twin shamrock

I had a dream last night. I went to sleep and suddenly I didn’t hear anything. Around me there was a beautiful forest. I was walking and picking chestnuts. Soon after that I started running and stopped in front of a tree. Under the tree there was a beautiful shamrock. I picked it. About three minutes later everything was black around me. At this moment just me and the shamrock were in the forest. The shamrock said to me: “Girl, you picked me. I’m so happy, but you made a mistake. If you don’t find my twin sister, the forest will die, because only she can replace me.” Then I asked the shamrock, where I could find it. It said to me: “Go straight on, and on the corner you will see three doors. I don’t know which doors you must choose to find my twin sister. I only know that you can’t choose all three doors, but only two doors.” Then it left me and I was alone in the black forest.

I went straight on and on the corner I saw three doors. I was thinking which door to choose. Then I chose the first door. I opened it, crossed a bridge and saw a town. I was surprised, because in the town there were only chairs and desks. It was very weird to see that people were chairs and desks.  I was so scared. I ran to a shop and asked the chair in the shop, where I could find the shamrock. The chair turned and I was surprised, because the chair was my twin sister Daša. She said to me: “Oh, you can’t find the shamrock here, because we don’t have any flowers. We cut all trees because we needed wood for chairs and desks.” I was so sad, because I knew that now I can open only one door. I ran out and sit on the floor.

I was thinking again which door to choose. Then I stood up and chose the third door. I crossed a bridge and ran. Suddenly I could see a field, which was full of shamrocks. I was confused which shamrock was the right one. Then I heard a voice. It said: “Find an old, different man. He knows which one is the right shamrock.” I went down the street and I was thinking about the old different man. This was strange. I didn’t know what “different” meant to me. I went to the shop and asked a shopkeeper for his opinion. He said that for him “different men” are those who ask for money. I disagreed with him but I didn’t have any chance. I went out and saw a man in the street. I asked him if he knew the man who knew where the shamrock was.  He said: “I’m the man who knows this.” I was so happy. We went to the field. Suddenly I heard a voice: “Maša, you must go to school.” I woke up and knew that  I had a strange dream. I didn’t tell you what happened in the end, but I think you already know.

By Maša Z.


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