Chased by Freddy Krueger

In the evening I was watching a horror movie called A Nightmare on Elm Street. It was about some teenagers who were having a nightmare about Freddy Krueger and every time they fell asleep, Freddy was chasing them in their dreams. When Freddy caught them, they grabbed an item next to them and killed themselves with it. And this was the start of my horrible nightmare …

So I went to sleep. At first I wasn’t thinking about Freddy. When I fell asleep, I first had a dream about unicorns and rainbows. But then Freddy sneaked in my beautiful dream. He started to chase me and I ran to the exit. But the door at the exit was locked, so I started to punch Freddy and somehow I escaped from him between his feet. He turned around and now he was even more angry, so he started running really fast. I couldn’t run that fast so I jumped into a hole in the ground. It was a giant hole and I broke my leg when I landed. To make things worse, Freddy jumped into the hole and I couldn’t run! He grabbed the knife. At the moment he put the knife close to my head, I woke up. I was all sweaty but I was happy because my nightmare was over.

By Jan F.


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