First kiss

Last night I had a dream about me. It’s funny because nobody dreams about themselves. Well, it all started with the most beautiful boy on the Earth. He had blond hair, blue eyes and I think his name was Niall, but I’m not sure. Literally every girl in my school was in love with him, including me. The best part was he was my best friend. Well, it was my 16th birthday and I invited him home. I had a lovely dinner with him and my parents. After that I invited him in my room. We got so connected, I think we were talking about two hours. Then we both fell asleep on the floor, if  I’m more precise, I had my head on his belly. I could feel his muscles. In the morning he brought me breakfast. I think pancakes with mint tea, my favourite one. Then he told me his secret, well, that he was gay! I was a bit shocked, because the love of my life was untouchable. But then he said if I would be his gir … “Beep, beep, beep,” my alarm clock went off. God, I was angry! Yeah, well, I fell asleep again in the afternoon and my dream continued. But I skipped six months and it was his birthday now and he invited me to his place. Everything was the same, except when he brought me breakfast, he asked me if I could be his first kiss. The first thing I asked him was: “Aren’t you gay?” He didn’t say anything. Our heads got so close and here it was – his and my first kiss. And then suddenly “boom”! I woke up but this time I wasn’t angry, because waking up after your “first dream kiss” is the best feeling ever!

By Anja A.


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    May 29, 2014 @ 13:07:53

    Niall? resno haha


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