I could fly

I dreamt something strange last night. I dreamt about flying. I was a human like other people. But I had strange power. I could fly. I flew from one place to another. I was happy. But one day, it was a storm. I was flying in the sky. Suddenly I saw a storm. I got scared and I flew away. But the storm was faster. It caught me and I lost my mind. Next day I woke up in an old village. I was very ill and without power. But people who lived there were very sweet. They cured me and I could fly away.

Later I saw a big tree. In this big tree, there was an old elephant. He said: “Who are you? A human or a bird?” I answered: “I’m a human with strange power – I can fly.” He looked at me in a very strange way. He didn’t get it. I just ran away when I saw a huge dragon. He exhaled fire and jumped all the time. I killed him. When I killed him, someone shot me in my back. When someone shot me, I woke up.

By Amadej J.


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  1. *WARNING*
    Jun 05, 2014 @ 18:04:40



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