In the future

Last night I had a strange dream. I was lost in a big city. It was really strange. I had a feeling that I was in the future. But I didn’t have that feeling just for fun. I was really in the future. I saw my friends and my family. They were all so old! And I was still young. Nobody knew me and there was so much modern technology. Everything was flying around me – cars, trains, bikes and other things. I was isolated and nobody spoke to me. I was confused and sad.

Then a flying magic pony came through the darkness. It said. “I give you three wishes. Use them smartly.” I was quiet for a moment and then I told him that I just wanted to go home. He said that he would help me. Then all of a sudden a nice car appeared in front of me. I sat in the car and I knew how to drive it. First I was in Paris, and then I came to New York in five minutes. I didn’t even see any water. After ten minutes I was already in Tokyo, then in London and in Moscow. Then I asked for navigation and some signs on the road led me to my home.

When I came home, I noticed something strange was going on there. My house was full of zombies. When they saw me, they tried to eat me up but because of my brand new car I managed to escape from them. I went on a tour with my car but then – I was out of gas. When the car stopped, I woke up.

By Aljaž Ž.


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  1. *WARNING*
    Jun 05, 2014 @ 18:05:02



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