Ninja attack

My strange dream was a few years ago, but I still remember it. If you think that I made this dream up, then you are wrong.

It was at my grandmother’s place with the same surroundings and the house. I was alone outside and suddenly a small car arrived and parked on the parking lot in front of the house. I was standing a few metres away from the car and tried to look inside but the car had dimmed windows. Suddenly a door opened and a lot of ninjas came out. I’m not joking – real ninjas! I jumped over the fence of a garden and I ran to the other side of the garden and jumped over the fence again. I ran behind the hayrack and the stable and then into the house but I was surprised, the inside was no longer my grandmother’s but my sister’s place. But ninjas were not far behind and I ran into a storeroom. I was trapped so I grabbed jars that were on the shelf and I threw them in ninjas. The vinegar in jars worked like tear gas so they could not see. I pushed them and I ran in the 2nd floor. I heard screams and then nothing. Then I heard footsteps and one ninja came up to the 2nd floor. I threw pens at him but that didn’t help much, so I grabbed my laptop and slapped him so much that he fell unconscious. I heard my sister, her boyfriend and his parents. I went down to see if they were okay. I saw ninjas lying on the ground. I saw them and they were okay so I wanted to call police. I grabbed the phone and … THEN my alarm clock rang and woke me up. Then I had to go to school. 😦

By Jan G.

Jan G_dream

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  1. *WARNING*
    Jun 05, 2014 @ 18:05:30

    Najs pikčer


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