Saving a planet

I went to sleep with hope that I will have a good dream. But my hopes faded as I had a very bad nightmare.

It was a normal Monday and we were in the classroom. We had English. In a moment the sky turned black. We were scared. The windows started to rattle, and the walls started to shake. We saw how some electric appliances started to run in the field near our school. They ran very fast towards our school. Behind the group of those strange things there were a boy and a girl running. They looked nice. The girl had orange hair. In her hand there was fire and she was all smoky. The boy was different. He had a fin on his backbone and he had sharp teeth. They broke glass on the windows and came into our classroom, and then they took me away. I was trembling and for a moment I forgot to breathe. Then they put me in some flying object, and we flew to the other planet. If you could only see the planet – it was full of candies! They said to me that I had to save their planet because I could dream their planet every day, and every day I had a different dream. In one of my last dreams I turned good people to bad people and now these bad people wanted to ruin the planet. I stood there with my mouth wide open for so long that I no longer felt bones in my cheeks. They said to me that the only thing I could do was lie down on the floor, and dream nice things again. I tried, but it didn’t happen right away.

When I finally fell asleep, a hundred electric appliances woke me up, and we had to run away. But all around us there was a long milky river. The girl said that I had to dream a vehicle. I did, but it was a big banana split, because I was so hungry. The boy was angry at me, but the girl tried to calm him down. We were travelling on the river, when a piece of ice hit the girl. She started to shake and freeze, because she was made of lava. We took her to a big volcano. But we had a big problem how to take her on top of the volcano. The boy said that he could die, because he was made of ice. I couldn’t take her either, because I didn’t have super powers to take her there fast. So the boy took her there. They were there about ten minutes. When they came back, the girl was okay, but the boy was melting. We went on.

Then we saw a big castle. It was the size of ten our schools. If we wanted to come into the castle, we had to cross a bridge. The bridge was thin and made of ice. There was a problem again. How will the girl cross the bridge? She said that she could cross the bridge in her sleep. In five minutes she fell asleep. She was moving very slowly. She was in the middle of the bridge, when electrical dogs came after her. She woke up and she started to melt the ice. She was running as fast as she could. And, luckily, she made it. The castle was made of crystals, which didn’t melt. We came into a room, which had a big diamond in the middle. This diamond could help me to save the planet. But half of the diamond was missing. We looked everywhere. While we were looking, I fell down. My necklace broke and a piece of diamond fell out of it. After I joined both pieces together, a strong light came out of the diamond. And in a second I was back in my warm bed.

By Daša Z.


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