Studio 21

Last night I had a cool dream. I lived in a really big villa with my parents and my older brother. My name was Violetta and my brother’s name was Lion. I was sixteen years old and Lion was nineteen years old. Our parents were rich and they weren’t with us all the time. When they were at work, we were at school, but when we were at home, they were still working.

I was in school with Lion most of the time. We were studying together for school. The school that we attended was called “Studio 21”. Studio 21 was a music school. But that wasn’t an ordinary high school, all teachers were very nice and lessons started at eleven o’clock and finished at two o’clock. I liked that the most. Me and Lion were the most talented students there. So we were performing at every concert and every show. We both danced, sang and played some instruments. We were good at everything or I should say we were the best. In Studio 21 we had a lot of instruments. But I didn’t play many of them. The most I played the keyboard like everybody else. And I think I wrote some songs in my dream, which in my real life will probably never happen. I still don’t know how this could have happened, because it is too hard to write a song. However, I really loved school, but only in my dream. I think I had the most beautiful dream about school and every kid should have dreams like that.

By Nina Š.


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