Unpleasant Seaside Holiday

I had Katja_dream 1a dream last night. Me and my family were at the seaside. It was Friday morning. We went in a restaurant for breakfast. The breakfast was very bad and we didn’t eat it. Then we went to the beach. We put on a swimsuit, a swimming cap, a snorkel, and flippers, and then we went diving.

Under the water there were shells, fishes, jellyfish, coral reefs, octopuses … The water was warm. When I was diving, my legs got caught in the sea grass but I managed to rescue myself . Then a jellyfish burnt my dad and this hurt him very much. After that we wanted to go back to the hotel, but suddenly we didn’t know where we were. However, we started searching for the way. After two hours we saw a ship. The captain saw my father and stopped the ship. Then we went on board. The ship took us home. When we were at the hotel, a doctor examined my dad. The doctor wanted to say something when the alarm clock went off.

By Katja P.

Katja_dream 2

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